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We think innovation.

We sell quality innovative products .

The INFOIL family of materials consist of metal foil and strip which are partially or entirely enclosed in various insulating films.

At INFOIL the materials are manufactured in a laminating process which will bond to the most common dielectric, polyester film, metal substrates such as copper foil as well as to other film materials.

The INFOIL manufactured products are mainly used mainly for Induction Loop Systems for people with hearing disabilities but also used for Transformers, winding, shielding and electronics industries.

Standard sizes are off the shelf and available for next day service. For custom sizes, dimensions, configurations or any further advice or information please contact a member of our team.

INFOIL relies on word of mouth, recommendations and repeat business from existing customers, as such you can be assured that a thorough and professional service with attention to detail is guaranteed as customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

Phone: +44 (0)121 572 8346 \ +44 (0) 790 336 3364

Email: info@infoil.co.uk

Website: www.infoil.co.uk